Defrag Hard Disk


If you are a computer savvy and have a habit of downloading lot of files and storing or deleting them on your hard disk frequently, you may encounter a performance breakout of your system. This is because the files you try to store on the disk get fragmented due to lack of continuous memory space on the disk. Fragmentation can also occur over the drive where the operating system of your computer is residing which results in the slow booting of the system. If this happens to a user he normally changes the operating system which is not the only solution for the problem that he is facing. Then what could be the ultimate solution for boosting the performance of a system, the solution is disk defrag tool which help you to defrag all the files and its loading time.

The reason why fragmentation would occur

When the hard disk is formatted to any of the file system like FAT or NTFS, in the beginning the files are stored in sequential format, as we continue deleting and inserting new files because of lack of sequential memory, files start fragmentation and get stored in separate chunks of memory. When we try to access these files OS has to collect all the chunks of memory which is time consuming reducing the overall performance of the system.

How this software will help you in defragging hard drive partitions

Defrag hard drive or defrag external hard drive gives you a complete analysis report before and after the defrag process. It analyses your hard drive prior to running the defrag process to check the fragmentation level. After the defrag process is completed an entire analysis report is created which provide the complete information on decreased level of fragmentation by the disk defrag tool. In case if you need detailed idea about how to defrag external hard drive, then simply click on this url:

Two options for defragmentation

Best Features of Defrag Hard Disk Tool

The efficient and powerful hard disk defrag tool that increases the overall performance of the system rapidly by decreasing the work load on the hard drive for the fetching process and thus increasing the life of the hard drive that is the read/write head. The most happening part of the software is that we can use the trail version of it for 14 days which will boost the performance of the computer up to 100%. With this tool, you can defrag SATA, SCSI and IDE hard drive and it even helps to defrag SSD disk on Windows. Booting speed of the computer is also increased including the loading time of the web browser and other applications on the system. Since the files are defragmented the probability of recovering the lost document is also increased. To know specifically how it functions on Windows 7 computer or laptop click on this url:

Defrag your hard disk in just few simple steps

1. Download and install the demo version of the defrag hard disk and launch the defrag tool.

Tool to Defrag Hard Disk - Home Screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

2. Click Analyze after selecting the drive to be defragmented. Now click Next for the detailed report from the analyze process.

Best Hard Disk Defrag Software - Analysis

Fig 2: Analysis

3. Now click "Next" for defrag option and choose from the two available options: "Quick Defragmentation" or "Deep Defragmentation".

Hard Disk Defragmentation Software - Options

Fig 3: Options

4. Click "Finish" to complete the process.

Defrag Hard Disk Windows - Finish

Fig 4: Finish